NaturGold has more than 30 years of experience with organic grains. Our main focus is on the ancient grains, such as organic spelt and organic einkorn products. 
NaturGold is a well known brand in Hungary. 
We produce more than 150 kind of organic food products, like flour, mill products, pastas, breakfast cereals, muesli, snacks, biscuits. All our products are certified to Eu-bio standards.

We export them with our „” brand or with our partner's privat label.

Our aim is to produce high quality food products with processing the most valuable spelt and other ancient grain items.

We make a great emphasization of the „zero waste” lifestyle and the protection of the Planet.
In the mid-80s we started the work on a small piece of land, to rescue the long-forgotten cereals. Today we are the biggest bio grain manufacturer and processor plant in Central Europe and second in whole Europe.


We have built our reputation on quality and service from the  small customers to larger food markets in Hungary and in several countries in Europe.

Some of our references:     

We are looking for distributors, to build up a long term partership with these premium products!

Please contact us at one of the contact details.


Simonné Polonkai Éva


E-mail: naturgold@gmail.com

Phone/Viber: +36 20 530 7549

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